Terms & conditions


Art. 1. Identity

Keptin-Jr b.v.
Raadhuisplein 27a
2411 BD  Bodegraven
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)172 617831

Email: service@keptin-jr.com
Web: www.keptin-jr.com

C.O.C. number: 2400098
VAT identification number: NL80.28.64.314.B.01

Art. 2. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions explain what we do for our clients and what clients can expect from us. Sometimes we offer separate conditions for certain products. When this is the case, these General Terms and Conditions also apply. If different Terms and Conditions contradict one another, the client can choose the most favourable one.

Art. 3. Offer

We always tell our clients what, when and how they can buy something, what it costs and whether clients can exchange the product. The offer contains a comprehensive and accurate description of the products and/or services offered. The description is sufficiently detailed to enable a proper assessment. Each offer contains the information that includes what client’s rights and obligations are linked to accepting the offer. This specifically includes:

  • The price including taxes;
  • Any delivery costs;
  • Whether the right of withdrawal is applicable or not;
  • The payment method, delivery or implementation of the agreement;

Art. 4. Agreement

Clients conduct online business with us in a secure web environment. When clients order items from us they will receive a confirmation by email. We add all information and data the client needs to his order, but most can also be found on our website. Naturally, it is handy if the client keeps the (digital) invoice properly.

Art. 5. Right of withdrawal

Right of withdrawal includes the ability of the client to cancel his purchase from us within the grace period. If the client has received the product and the product doesn’t meet his expectations, he is entitled to return it within 14 days of receiving the product. We will send the client a new product or we will refund the payment within 10 days.

Art. 6. Shipping costs in case of withdrawal

If the client chooses to make use of his right of withdrawal, the costs of the return shipment are to be borne by the client.

Art. 7. Exclusion of right of withdrawal

The following items cannot be returned:

  • Used items;
  • Consumable items, such as detergents, when the packaging has been opened;
  • Redeemed or filled in vouchers;
  • Damaged or incomplete items.

Art. 8. Price

All mentioned prices are inclusive of VAT. Shipping costs depend on the country of delivery. These are clearly indicated on our website.

Art. 9. Conformity and warranty

The client is entitled to a good product. Should the product prove to have a defect, we will solve this for the client. We will always follow Dutch law.

Art. 10. Delivery and implementation

If the client orders something from us on weekdays before 12.00 hrs, the order will be shipped the same day. The shipping time depends on the country where the order is sent to. This is clearly indicated on this website for all areas where we deliver our products.

If delivery of the product takes longer, or if we are unable to deliver everything in time, we will inform the client as soon as possible. At that moment the client may cancel his purchase. If the client has paid in advance, we will refund his costs within 10 days.

If we can no longer deliver a product ordered, we will refund the client’s costs or we will offer him an adequate alternative. Such a replacement item can always be exchanged by the client. If a product gets damaged or lost before it is delivered to the client or the recipient as indicated by the client, this is our responsibility.

Art. 11. Payment

Orders with us are always paid in advance. The order is processed immediately upon receipt of the payment. Please inform us if there is something wrong with the payment details. weten.

Art. 12. Complaints procedure

If the client has a complaint, we will do our utmost to resolve this complaint. The client has to inform us as soon as possible if he has a complaint. He has to describe the problem as clearly as possible, so we can be of service. The client will receive a reply from us within 2 days. We will help him immediately or inform him how much time we need to resolve the complaint.

Art. 13. Disputes

In case we cannot resolve the complaint together, the client may choose to submit the case to a Dutch court. If the client opts for this, we sincerely regret this but respect the decision. All agreements he makes with us and any disputes arising from an agreement with us are dictated by Dutch law.


Art. 1. Identity

Keptin-Jr b.v.
Raadhuisplein 27a
2411 BD  Bodegraven
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 (0)172 617831

Email: service@keptin-jr.com
Web: www.keptin-jr.com

C.O.C. number: 2400098
VAT identification number: NL80.28.64.314.B.01

Art. 2. General Terms of Business

We operate solely on the basis of these general terms of business which shall apply to all our transactions even when this is not expressly stated. The placement of an order or acceptance of the order confirmation is deemed as acceptance of these terms.

Art. 3. Orders and Transactions

Orders may be placed through the online order system on this website (www.keptin-jr.com), by telephone or in writing. A written order confirmation will only be supplied if specifically requested by our clients at the time the order is placed. Orders are binding when accepted by us. All our offers are without obligation unless specifically agreed. Catalogues, pricelists and circular notes etc. are issued for marketing purposes only and should not be viewed as legally binding in any way. Customers are supplied against payment prior to shipment unless another payment term has been agreed. In the event of late payment we will charge on all extra costs including 10% interest p.a. If our conditions of payment are not met or if we have grounded doubts regarding the creditworthiness of our clients, all amounts outstanding will be due immediately. No credit line will be granted if the agreed conditions of payment have not been met and a reminder has been necessary twice within one year. In this case all further deliveries are made with secured payment only (i.e. payment in advance, payment against credit card)

Art. 4. Delivery time and freight costs

Delivery deadlines shall not be binding, except by specific written agreement. Partial shipments are permitted. All deliveries are at the own risk of the client. All deliveries are understood ex works Bodegraven unless otherwise agreed. Under no circumstances will damage claims be accepted for late delivery. Claims for incorrect deliveries have to be made within 14 days of receiving the goods.

Art. 5. Retention of property

Goods supplied shall remain our property until they have been fully paid, together with all other amounts owed to us. Should the buyer sell these goods as part of his normal business procedures, the retention of property is extended to the income of such sales. The buyer will transfer to us all the claims held towards third parties concerning the sale of these goods. For as long as we retain full or part ownership of goods the buyer may not give them as security or allow a charge to be placed on them without our consent. The buyer is obliged to oppose and inform any third party interest in these goods and is further obliged to inform us immediately of any charge of confiscation to our property by a third party.

Art. 6. Trade mark protection

After termination of the business relationship the use of the protected trademark Keptin-Jr™, except for clearance of old stock, is explicitly prohibited in the ordinary course of business.

Art. 7. Guarantee

Details of any defective item must be notified to us within one week of receipt of the goods, we will then inform the buyer how to proceed. Generally we expect the buyer to inspect all defective goods and decide if immediate repair is possible or if the item has to be returned to us for repair. If the item has to be returned for repair and the claim is justified, we will reimburse the buyer for the postage fees. Except for purposeful and severe negligence we shall not be liable for any damage originating from defective goods. If we are liable we may either remedy the defect or supply replacements and the buyer may withdraw from the contract only if we fail to do so within reasonable time. For economic reasons postage should be always the least expensive and most economical. For guarantee claims of low value, exchange may be offered at the discretion of the buyer. For all warranty claims presentation of copy invoice (date of purchase) is required.

Art. 8. Sales policies

The buyer explicitly accepts to maintain adequate forms in sales and presentation for our trademarks Keptin-Jr™  corresponding to their value. According to our sales philosophy an advisory service for consumers through professional personnel, including for mail order and online business, must be guaranteed by the buyer at all times. The seller reserves the right to decide on the appropriateness of the distribution at any time.

Art. 9. Place of fulfilment and jurisdiction

The place of fulfilment for both parties as far as delivery and payment is concerned shall be Amsterdam. We reserve the right to litigate also at the general place of business of the buyer.