Three cuddly toys, three stages of life

Premature babies have different needs than toddlers. Each phase of a child’s life requires a different focus on comfort and security. Keptin-Jr offers a cuddly friend for each phase for children to relax and recover.

Premature babies feel secure with BONDIFLY. Right from birth, babies can relax with a TODDEL & ZMOOZ cuddly toy. TJUMM contributes to the relaxation of children from toddlerhood onwards.

Bondifly for premature babies

Give a premature baby a feeling of security. A premature baby must be protected in an incubator because vital organs, such as lungs and brain, have not developed sufficiently. To stimulate brain growth, bonding with parents is very important. This is a challenge because the baby is in the incubator, and the parents are at home. Bondifly stimulates the bonding of the baby with the parents.

Babies can smell from a very early age. The Bondifly wing brings the parent’s scent to the baby in the incubator. Each cuddly toy has two detachable wings, one to pick up the parent’s scent and the other to be in the Bondifly with the baby in the incubator. The Bondifly also has four feelers that are a safe alternative to the probes that the premature baby pulls on due to grip reflexes. The baby experiences extra warmth from the large wings, which can be used as a blanket.

Toddel & Zmooz: for babies and toddlers from 0 to 3 years

Scent is an important aspect for young children when they get familiarised with the cuddly toy. Toddel & Zmooz are made of breathable, soft, organic cotton. A wonderful material that absorbs scent well. Newborn babies of up to 6 months prefer the soft colours of Little Toddel and Zmooz. Older children prefer the brighter colours of the larger versions.

Our cuddly toys have a neutral facial expression, which gives the child room to project its own emotion on a cuddly toy.

Tjumm: for toddlers and preschoolers

A Tjumm cuddly toy offers different types of fabric. Children discover how the fabric structures differ from each other by using their hands. The long ears are ideal for hands that like to grab, although experience shows that children also like to suck on them. This is completely safe, because the ears are made of organic, undyed cotton.

If it’s time for a clean Tjumm, because it has been nibbled on and cuddled with a lot, simply throw Tjumm in the washing machine and tumble dry. After a wash at 300 Celsius, the cuddly toy is ready to be used again.

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