No Tears Guarantee

A nightmare for every parent and child: losing your favourite cuddly toy. Ideally, you would like to replace one cuddly toy with another, but that’s usually not that easy. Once a baby prefers a cuddly toy, it stays that way. An identical one is sometimes hard to find or even more devastating:  not available anymore.

Keptin-Jr cuddly toys stay in our collection for a long time, and they are easy to reorder. So if you lost a cuddly toy, just reorder it. We also offer a “No Tears” Guarantee. Should a cuddly toy go out of stock, you will receive an email from us in which we offer the possibility to order a spare cuddly toy. If you want to use this extra guarantee, leave your details, and get our “No Tears” Guarantee!

No Tears Guarantee
1 .
Find the 5-digit article code on the "No tears" label.

No tears guarantee Keptin-Jr
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Fill in the form below and get your "No Tears" Guarantee.
Geen tranen garantie No tears guarantee
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You will receive an email two months before the toy goes out of stock.

I want the "No Tears" Guarantee

Fill in the fields below and get your Keptin-Jr “No Tears” Guarantee. A spare cuddly toy on hand for when it’s needed.

We use this information exclusively to inform you when this toy goes off sale.