Secure in comfort

Nothing is more important than for a child to feel comfortable and secure. This is what makes a child relax and rest, which contributes to its development. Keptin-Jr offers innovative products that seamlessly connect to these needs. With more than 25 years of experience, we offer products that are safe and contribute to a child’s comfort. Products that are Secure in Comfort.

Science in Practice

We do not make innovative cuddly toys alone, however. Together with experts from various fields, we work on products in which the development of the child is paramount. Experts in hospitals and patient organisations show that our cuddly toys have added value for both children and parents. Those same experts provide valuable scientific input that we incorporate in the design of our cuddly toys. From keeping a familiar scent to offering a solution in case of a lost cuddly toy, we thought of everything.

Carefree cuddling

A cuddly toy is a close friend, a faithful companion that a child wants to keep close all the time. That’s why we make cuddly toys that can be cuddled and washed for many years. We also offer a solution if the cuddly toy gets lost. Let children relax and develop carefree with a Keptin-Jr cuddly toy.

"Safe, innovative cuddly toys for every stage of development".

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